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Accounting for Income Taxes (ASC 740)

Accounting for income taxes has become increasingly challenging.  Companies have limited internal resources to dedicate to the complex, time-sensitive calculation of the tax provision. Additionally, accounting firms have certain independence restrictions prohibiting them from providing tax provision services to their audit clients. 

At Jimerson Tax and Accounting we understand the tax provision process from beginning to end.  We are able to tailor our services to meet your company’s specific needs and fill in any gaps in your tax provision process. We work collaboratively with your external audit firm and understand the need for the tax provision to be reported timely and accurately so that you can meet your financial statement reporting requirements.

Our expertise includes working with both public and private companies.  Call us to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Monthly Accounting & Tax Services Package

Having accurate and timely-prepared financial statements is critical to the success of any business. While some businesses may have a person in a bookkeeping role for the company, that person may not be skilled in accounting and so errors may not be readily apparent.  In these cases, the financial statements generated will not be useful to decision-makers such as the business owner, lenders,  suppliers, or potential investors.  When accuracy is critical, these businesses incur additional costs to have rework performed by a CPA.

At Jimerson Tax and Accounting we can structure a fixed-price monthly service to manage your accounting and your tax preparation while you do what you do best – run your company.  Our monthly service package may include:

  • Monthly or Quarterly one-on-one CPA consultations
  • Financial Health Analysis and Advisory
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Statement Preparation
  • Estimated Tax Payment Calculation
  • Federal and State Tax Return Preparation
  • Cash Flow Budgeting
  • Forecasting

Call us to schedule a meeting to structure a package that most fits your needs.

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